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Other articles with a local connection

The Avenue, Little Durnford

Kerry O'Connor

Camp Hill
Kerry O'Connor

340 Devizes Road - route of a Roman road

Kerry O'Connor

Druids Lodge - water tank

Kerry O'Connor

The Court House, Lower Woodford

Kerry O'Connor

Flax or Linseed?

Kerry O'Connor

Old Sarum is mentioned in Walter Pope's 

'Ballad of Salisbury' published in 1713

People with a connection to Stratford sub Castle

John Aubrey

Antiquarian & Travel Writer

Thomas Becket

Archbishop / visitor to Old Sarum

Edward Caswall

Stratford Clergyman & hymn writer

William Cobbett

Travel Writer

John Constable

Artist & painter

Coggan Family 

a story of 100 years of living in Stratford

John Henry Cook - his own account of  

Life at Mawarden Court in the 1920's & 1930's 
He was the son of the Rev William Henry Cook.

Samuel Curwen

Travel Writer

Daniel Defoe

Author & Travel Writer

Eleanor of Aquitaine
A Queen of England, imprisoned at Old Sarum

Celia Fiennes

Travel writer

Sweyn Forkbeard

A future King of England

Richard Hill MBE
International Rugby Player

John Cattrell Hudson
Hudson's Field benefactor

John of Salisbury

Secretary to Thomas Becket

Mary King

Instigator of the Reading Room

John Leland

Antiquarian & Travel Writer

Captain William Mudge

Director General of Ordnance Survey 

Frances Nisbet

The future Viscountess Nelson

St Osmund

Second Bishop of the original Sarum cathedral  

Samuel Pepys

Diary & Travel Writer

The Pitt Family 

Church benefactors & family of a Prime Minister

William the Conqueror

King of England

William of Orange

King of England

We Will Remember them

The SsC Nine (2).jpg

The Stratford sub Castle Nine
- named on the Wayside Cross
               War Memorial

Commonweath War Graves

Many of the articles that appear in the History section of this website were written by members of the

Stratford sub Castle Local History Group.


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