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Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in and near Stratford sub Castle

SSSIs are sites chosen for their wildlife and natural resources to be listed as special under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). Those in or near Stratford sub Castle are:

  • The River Avon System SSSI. The whole length of the river in the Woodford Valley and through the village to Salisbury is part of the River Avon SSSI. This includes its leats, races, and secondary channels. It covers over a thousand acres. It also includes those water meadows south west of the river and boardwalk to the footpath from the “nose” of Tadpole Island downstream alongside the allotments to the Leisure Centre. This area also lies within the Avon Valley Local Nature Reserve
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Map 2 SSSI.jpg
  • Camp Down SSSI is about 18 acres of chalk downland on the lower slopes of Camp Down. Its northern boundary is Camp Down Hill Road from the crossroads at the Little Durnford entrance to where the footpath crosses the road, its eastern boundary is the Woodford road from that crossroads south to the disused pit.
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Map 1 SSSI.jpg
  • The Lower Woodford Water Meadows SSSI is nearly 60 acres alongside the river and between its main conduit and irrigation channels and drains and their brickwork from near Kingfisher Cottage, Lower Woodford, to just south of The Bays, Little Durnford. Its western boundary from Woodford Forestry & Landscape to the footpath that leads behind the Bays, is the Woodford Road. Natural England rate this area as under high risk threat. The water meadows system here dates from the 17th C View DEFRA Map

Map 3 SSSI.jpg
Map 4 SSSI.jpg

This area and a little more at its eastern and western edges are also listed under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 or the “Rights to Roam Act” and often referred to as 'Access Land'.
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Excepts from DEFRA maps used under Open Government Licence v3.0 for Public Sector Information


Kerry O’Connor

March 2021

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