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Old Sarum Tramway


These tramlines were at Old Sarum, going past St Margaret Chapel (St Nicholas’ Chapel was above it). The tramway was built to remove the spoil from the 1909-1915 excavations. *


This lantern slide was taken by Lt-Col W Hawley and published in the Old Sarum Excavation Fund Report of the Excavation Committee to the Society of Antiquaries for 1909 and 1910 (W.H St John Hope and W Hawley, published by the Society in 1911). The accounts for 1910 showed that £113 11s 3d was spent on the tramways.

* The excavations which took place in 1909–15 were abandoned as the Great War siphoned off manpower before the cathedral precinct had been fully investigated, and the death of the director of the excavations, William St John Hope, in 1919 meant that a final report was never written.

Source: English Heritage

Kerry O'Connor

September 2023

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