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Richard Hill MBE

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Richard Hill MBE was a Rugby player (flanker, Saracens) with 71 caps for England and 5 for the Lions, and the England Rugby Union Team under manager 2016-2020. He is now a motivational speaker, consultant & brand ambassador. Though born in Surrey (1973) his boyhood was spent in Stratford-sub-Castle.

“Looking back, it was as close to an idyllic childhood as you could get. I was born in Dormansland in Surrey but the family headed to Salisbury soon after. We moved into house at the end of a quiet close in the village of Stratford sub Castle, backing onto a water meadow, with the River Avon 100 metres away. It was meant to be a temporary arrangement but my parents still live there today. When the meadow flooded, the water came right up to our garden fence and I would set off in a makeshift fibreglass canoe. Later that canoe provided the perfect vehicle to get to some of Salisbury’s pubs. I’d paddle past the fire station, moor up outside the Boat House, have a few drinks and paddle back without worrying about being breathalysed.”


TEXT; Hill, Richard, 2006. “Richard Hill The Autobiography” page 23. Pub, Orion Books

PHOTO; By Hill_and_Dallaglio.jpg: Patrick Khachfe from London, United Kingdom derivative work: Udufruduhu (talk) - Hill_and_Dallaglio.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Kerry O'Connor

November 2020

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