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A Timeline of Local Maps 

Pre 16th Century

The 3rd C Antonine Itinerary is discussed in an article on this website

'When did Sarum first get put on the map?' 


An extract from Matthew Paris' 13th C map of Great Britain is on page 1 of 'Cartography', a document written by Kerry O'Connor


Note: this document is held on an external storage site and can be accessed with the permission of the Stratford sub Castle Local History Group. There are other references to the document below.


note re Document on LHG drive

16th Century

A 1556 version of the earliest engraved map of the British Isles by George Lilley is on page 2 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 


A 1576 Map of Wiltshire by Christopher Saxton is on page 3 of 'Cartography'  (see note above). 

17th Century

A local extract of the 1611 Map of Wiltshire by John Speed is on page 4 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 



A 1662 map of the Underditch Hundred by Blaue is included in an article on this website - Underditch Hundred

and also as a standalone map on page 5 of the Cartography document mentioned above.    

18th Century

1720 Britannia Depicta map is on page 6 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 

1755 Emanuel Brown map is on page 6 of 'Cartography'  (see note above). 

1757 A Plan of the Camp of Salisbury is on page 3 of an article 'Camp Hill' on this website.

1773  Andrews & Dury 'A Map of Wiltshire' is on page 7 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 

1793 map of the Burgages of Old Sarum is on page 8 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 

1794 A line from 'Gun-end base' beside the A345 near Old Sarum was measured by Captain Mudge of the Ordnance Survey as a base for the triangulation of Great Britain, a precursor to the publishing of OS maps.

See the article 'The Mudge Mapping Monument' on this website.

1799 Triangulation drawing page 9 of 'Cartography' (see note above). 

19th Century

1800 Implementation/Awarding of the 1799 Inclosure Act affecting Stratford under the Castle and Milford. Details and map in an article on this website 'Inclosure'.

1807 Edward Crocker map showing triangulation from Old Sarum to Beacon Hill is on page 10 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

1807 Edward Crocker map of Stratford Dean is on page 11 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

1817 Ordnance Survey, First edition map is on page 12 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

See also an article on this website 'First Edition Ordnance Survey map of Stratford sub Castle and the Woodford Valley' that includes the 1817 map by Mudge.


1839 Tithe Map of Stratford sub Castle is on page 13 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

1849 Estate Map of Stratford sub Castle is on page 14 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

20th Century

1900   Ordnance Survey map, Second Edition is on page 15 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

1944   Air Ministry Restricted Flying Areas and Balloon Areas, page 16 of 'Cartography' (see note above).


1944   Old Sarum Parking plan for Operation Snug April May June 1944, page 18 of 'Cartography'

(see note above)

WWII   The Extended Defence of Britain database, 21st C map plotting WWII sites page 17 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

21st Century

2005 British Geological Survey of Bedrock extract is on page 19 of 'Cartography' (see note above).

The following maps have been added to this website for General Information purposes:


An annotated map of Stratford sub Castle showing locations of Church, School & Village Hall MAP

Salisbury - St Francis & Stratford Electoral Area MAP

Wiltshire Council Definitive Map of Rights of Way MAP

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) MAP

Salisbury Stratford - the MSOA Area MAP

Wild Flower observations are plotted on this MAP


Historians & Family History researchers may find the 'Know your Place' research tool and its resource of maps of interest.


Details here


Stratford sub Castle Local History Group - contact details

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