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Old Sarum Isolation Hospital

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From 1902 to 1904 an Isolation hospital existed on the site treating mainly children during epidemics of scarlet fever, diptheria and meningitis. In 1904 a joint isolation hospital committee was formed with neighbouring local authorities and Old Sarum Isolation Hospital for Infectious Diseases was built near the Amesbury Road, beyond Old Sarum opening to patients in 1911-12. The hospital provided beds for 90 patients and was later enlarged with huts. The hospital closed in 1951 and latterly the buildings were used as a centre for Adults with Learning Difficulties, before finally being demolished in 2012 to make way for a housing development.

Throughout World War 1, camps on Salisbury Plain sent soldiers suffering with diseases such as meningitis, scarlet fever, bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema to the Isolation Hospital. 



Until 1954 when the Salisbury City boundaries were revised, Old Sarum Isolation hospital fell within the Stratford sub Castle Parish boundary.  This is the reason why some of the WW1 soldiers who died in the hospital were buried in St Lawrence churchyard.

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