Long Distance trails & walks that pass through (or very close to) Stratford sub Castle 

There are seven long and shorter walks that pass through or near the village.

Principal source for the information is the Long Distance Walkers Association

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The Orange Way is a 340 mile Long Distance walkway from Brixham Harbour, Torbay, to St James’s Palace, London, marking the route taken by Prince William of Orange in 1688. His wife (and first cousin) Mary was in line for the throne until James II had a son that summer (James Francis Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender, and who later viewed himself as a rightful James III and VII). Protestants in England preferred a Protestant Mary over any Catholic James II or III so invited her and William to come and lead the “Glorious Revolution”.


The Orange Way comes along Mill Lane from crossing the river, turns right along the Stratford Road, then left at Dairy Cottage and up the path to Old Sarum, skirting it to its east then along the track to Shepherd’s Cottage en route to Great Durnford. William and 15,000 Dutch troops would have taken a long time to pass through our village. Somehow the last invasion of England by foreign troops has become forgotten and the Orange Way is unmarked on the ground and on Ordnance Survey maps.

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The Monarch’s Way is based on Charles II’s flight from Cromwell’s Troops after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. It crosses the Avon at Little Durnford to Salterton and runs north of Old Sarum to the Winterbournes. 


Sarum Way runs with it for this stretch, both are waymarked. Monarch’s Way is marked on Ordnance Survey maps.

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The Great Stones Way comes down the Avon Valley, through Salterton, around Old Sarum, along the Portway then the short stretch of Stratford Road between the two right angle bends and down the cycle way behind Shelley Drive. 

The Wessex Heights Way takes the same course through the village, having started at Old Sarum.

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The Old Sarum Challenge (British Walking Federation Permanent Trail No 13) comes off the Stratford Road just north of the Church, runs behind the Church, up Gradidge Lane, skirts Old Sarum to the south and east then follows the track to Shepherd’s Cottage.

The Pewsey Avon Trail descends from Old Sarum emerging into Stratford Road at Dairy Cottage, turns right and north, then left down Mill Lane and left once across the river. In Salisbury it connects with the Avon Valley Pathway which ends at Christchurch.

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