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Otters sightings - scroll down the page to view images at five separate locations

Otter sighting 15 January 2024

From a local resident:

"Walking along the east bank of the Avon Valley Nature Reserve we spotted an otter diving and coasting along the river.  Location was just up from 5 Rivers leisure center and opposite the west bank boardwalk."

Otters January 2023

One of the advantages of having a garden which floods is that you see wildlife close up. Here are some pictures taken on 17 January 2023 of two otters eating their breakfast of fish taken from the Avon. This provides documentary evidence of the presence of otters in Stratford.  David Mills.


There had been several sightings of otters in the River Avon at Stratford sub Castle but until the images above were received, no clear photographic evidence. Otters have been filmed further south in Salisbury city centre - see more videos below.

Salisbury Cathedral
1 March 2022
video @salsburycath Twitter

3 otters by Salisbury Library 5 December 2020

Video @HappySalisbury Twitter

In July 2020, Salisbury City Council's CCTV cameras recorded an otter roaming through the shopping centre.

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