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Whether you have a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone..... running with Windows, Apple or Android (or perhaps something less mainstream), we aim to provide the same content, although occasionally some images are too large to include in the mobile version.  


For Desktop users, there's a menu in the header at the top of each webpage: mobile users will see a 'floating' menu. With over 200 pages to choose from, we endeavour to cater for all interests. The details below will guide you through some of our most popular sections of the website.

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Local News

ALL News articles can be viewed on the News Page.

Some headlines appear on the Home Page (subject to space).

BUT if you just want to read news about a specific club, articles are also filtered onto the individual webpages for the Cafés, Garden ClubGuild, and Local History Group.

The website welcomes contributions!

Please email details of any local news you would like to share to:


Photo Albums (see 'Images' in the menu)

There are hundreds of recent images of local interest in our albums, all provided by our readers. There's an index under Images in the menu.

There are other Historical images in our Local History section - see below.

Further contributions are always welcome. Please contact

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Local History

This is by far the largest sertion of the website with over 100 pages of articles and maps featuring Stratford sub Castle and the local area, including settlements going back to Neolithic times.

As there are too many history pages to list in the menu, the History Timeline will guide you.  Alternatively, there's a list of articles sorted by category on the Local History Contents Page.

If you're interested in what life was like in Stratford sub Castle during the past 100 years, this illustrated article  is a good starting point:
 100 years of the Coggan family living in Stratford sub Castle.

Or you might like to read about some famous people who have visited or lived here.

Many of these articles have been written by members of the
Stratford sub Castle Local History Group.

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