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WW2 Secret Spitfire manufacturing

The Secret Spitfires story tells of the tenth of all Spitfires that were built in secret in and around Salisbury. Spares and supplies were stored at various sites one of which was a barn at Parsonage Farm, (now Parsonage Close), in Stratford sub Castle.


On 9 July 2021, a band played and people gathered to watch a flypast by a WW2 Spitfire which circled Old Sarum and Hudson's Field several times around 6.30 pm. This was to mark the unveiling earlier that day of a fibreglass life-sized replica of a Spitfire close to the Rugby Club on Castle Road.


At the base of the replica there's a Memorial Board recounting the story of the 'Secret Spitfires' that were manufactured here and at several other sites around Salisbury during WW2.

Secret spitfires memorial.jpg
spitfire in flight 9 july 2021.jpg

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On 29 June 2019, as part of the Armed Forces Day commemorations, two of the few remaining airworthy Spitfires, Mk Vb AB910 (built 1941), and Mk LF IXe MK356 (built 1944), flew over Stratford sub Castle.  More details on this webpage.


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