Stratford's former Post Offices

At different times in the 19th and 20th centuries, each one of these cottages has housed the village post office.

Post office 1.png

This 1879 map shows a post office at Old Forge Cottage.

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Old Forge Cottage.

Map 1879.png
Post office 3.png

A 1900 map shows a post office at Moreton Cottage (now Farthing Cottage) ....

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Farthing Cottage

Map 1900.png
Post office 2.png

A 1936 map shows a post office at Old Sarum View

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Old Sarum View

From the Archives - 1932 stamp

Map 1936.png

Maps key:

Post offices marked as P.O. or post office

BM = benchmarks

W = well

LB = letterbox


Kerry O’Connor

May 2022

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Maps from National Library of Scotland and ©Ordnance Survey with 1879 courtesy of © British Library.

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