Stratford sub Castle Church - dedicated to Saint Lawrence (225 - 258 AD)

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The Prebend (ecclesiastical living) was styled that of 'St Laurence in Stratford' in 1291. [1].


St Lawrence was martyred on August 10th so that is his festival day and is marked by a patronal festival in the church on the nearest Sunday.

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Most of the kneelers in the church bear a grid emblem because of the legend that St Lawrence was martyred on a hot gridiron. The legend is almost certainly untrue and due to a one letter error in transcribing reports of his death, it is more likely he was beheaded. [2]

The bust of St Lawrence on the north side of the nave was presented to the church in 1958. It is a plaster copy of an original Donatello (c1440) that is displayed in the Old Sacristy of the Church of St Lawrence in Florence. [3]



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