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Church Graffiti, Screens & fittings

A survey of the historical graffiti within St Lawrence Church, Stratford Sub Castle was conducted between 4-16 July 2017. In total 465 individual marks were located.


In March 2018, around 60 local residents attended an illustrated talk by Jamie Ingram who presented some of his findings to residents and other interested parties.

We are grateful to have been given permission to host a report written by Jamie Ingram dated September 2018, here on the Stratford sub Castle village website, thus enabling a far wider audience to view images of some of the graffiti he discovered and to read his interpretations.  

On 23 July 2018, Penny Copeland and Jude Jones visited the Old Sarum Landscapes Project run by the Archaeology Department of Southampton University, which included a visit to St Lawrence Church. Penny and Jude studied the church screens and fittings, the Royal Coat of Arms and the corbels in the Nave. They too have kindly agreed for their report to be accessible here.

Their reports which include many images taken in St Lawrence Church,  appear in the PDF viewer below.


A survey of Historic Graffiti St Lawrence Church, Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire

Jamie Ingram


Report on St Lawrence, Stratford sub Castle Church Screen and Fittings, Box Pews and Doors

Penny Copeland and Jude Jones 

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