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'Salisbury - Stratford' - MSOA area - new page added 26 Oct

News Page updated 26 Oct

Garden Club - Why this year's colour had to be ORANGE - added 22 Oct

Local History Photo Quiz no. 3 added 22 Oct

The Ballad of Salisbury by Walter Pope added 20 Oct


Old Sarum - the Accursed Hill - new Local History page added 18 Oct

Virtual Noticeboard  updated 17 Oct

Travel Writers - first-hand accounts of this area - John Aubrey added 15 Oct

(There are now 7 writers included in this Local History section.)

Local Planning Applications - updated 15 Oct

Stratford Cafés page updated 14 Oct


A Surprise on Remembrance Sunday 2016 added to the Church section 13 October

Land Sale 100 years ago - added to the Local History section 8 Oct


Local History Photo Quiz - photo no. 2 added 5 Oct

Garden Club information page updated 4 Oct

Guild 2020-21 Programme added 4 Oct

Old Sarum Isolation Hospital - new page added 3 Oct

Anzac Day - page revised 3 Oct

Commonwealth War Graves - page revised 3 Oct

Turnpikes & Milestones near Stratford sub Castle - new page added 2 Oct

Copy of the October Parish Magazine - added 30 Sept

Fauna (2) photo album new image added 26 Sept

Flora (2) photo album - new image added 23 Sept

Friends of St Lawrence Church Autumn Newsletter added 16 September

Flax or Linseed? page updated 13 Sept

Rights of Way - new page added 10 Sept

King Alfred's Way  added to the Long Distance Trails page 10 Sept

Sweyn Forkbeard - Local History new page added 8 Sept

Old Forge & Little Thatches Cottages - new webpage added 5 Sept

Stratford Smithy - new webpage added 5 Sept

St Osmund - Local History new page 1 Sept

Dorothy's Challenge - new page added to the Garden Club section 23 Aug

The July Garden - new page added to the Garden Club section 23 Aug

Farthing Cottage - new page 21 Aug

The Portway - new page 21 Aug

Wasp spider added to The Devenish photo album 17 Aug

Rubbish & Recycling Dates  dates through to Dec updated 10 August

Stratford Water Meadows (Nature page) updated 6 Aug 2020

Stratford's Water Meadows - new Local History page added 3 Aug

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