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Avon Valley Nature Reserve

The Avon Valley Nature Reserve is managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and borders the west bank of the River Avon from Ashley Road Salisbury, northwards to Stratford sub Castle. There is a 1.3 miles linear walking trail accessible from Ashley Road or from the end of Mill Lane, Stratford sub Castle. Some of the trail runs along a raised boardwalk, other parts follow field margins and can be muddy during wet weather. 


Walk directions from Stratford sub Castle in this PDF document, available to download.

image (1).jpg

Salisbury City Council has published a trail leaflet showing images of some of the wild flowers and animals that might be spotted along the Trail.  Available in this PDF document or view in the PDF viewer at the bottom of this webpage.

Fairy door no. 12 (1).jpg

There are 'fairy doors' for children to look out for along the Trail.


The boardwalk alongside the west bank of the Avon

Further reading/information on the website:

River Avon

Flora in the Stratford Water Meadows, (the northern part of the Avon Valley Nature Reserve).

Rights of Way around Stratford sub Castle

A Video on YouTube - a flight over the Stratford Water Meadows by Andrew Woodger

The pedestrian bridge at the end of Mill Lane is shown in this screenshot from the video.

Pedestrian bridge at Stratford sub Castl

Wherever you walk in the countryside, the Countryside Code applies.  Click the logo to view a leaflet/summary issued in April 2021.


Or to read the full details use this link to the full version.

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