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Stratford sub Castle Rubbish & Recycling Kerbside Collection dates appear below. 

N.B. During bad weather it may be impossible for the crews to empty bins.

If you are concerned, view the Wiltshire Council website to check if schedules have been distrupted.

Recycling Bins & Household rubbish bins

black box.JPG


blue lidded bin.JPG


Household rubbish black bin_edited.jpg

There's a list of items that can be recycled and which bin to place them in for kerbsite collection, at the bottom of this page.

KERBSIDE COLLECTION DATES for Recycling and rubbish in Stratford Sub Castle are USUALLY MONDAYS.

Any exceptions are marked below.


February           5, 19 

March                4, 18

April                   1, 15, 29

May                    13, 27

June                   10, 24

July                     8,22

Garden Bins 

garden recycling.JPG

Garden waste collection is a chargeable service.

Details on the Wiltshire Council website here.



February               1, 15, 29


March                    14, 28

April                       11, 25

May                         9. 23

June                        6, 20 

If you have accumulated too much recycling material or rubbish and it won't fit in your kerbside bins, there's a Household Recycling Centre in Salisbury Details and opening hours

Contact Wiltshire Council for queries about Rubbish & Recycling (missed collections, new bin orders etc)  Wiltshire Council Rubbish & Recycling.

Kerbside recycling
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