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www.stratfordsubcastle.org.uk is a non-profit site maintained on a voluntary basis by local residents.


Walks around Stratford sub Castle

We have put together a series of short local walks that residents or visitors may like to undertake. Each walk has a set of photos to guide you and notes about the views and points of interest you will see.

We have indicated whether a walk is suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs, or during poor weather. However, note that the comments made are personal opinions only. If you have any feedback about any of the walks, please let us know, especially if you think the instructions need amending.

Parking for walks: With the exception of an area around Mill Lane where there are  double-yellow lines, there is no restrictive parking in the village, but we would ask visitors not to obstruct residents’ driveways. Suggested parking areas would be at the southern end of the village (near Hudson’s Field) or the northern end (near St Lawrence Church) - see our Location map.

Into the City

30 mins

This PDF document has images of the plants and animals that might be spotted along the route of the River Walk.

An Easy Walk to Old Sarum

20 mins

Avon Farm

2.2 miles

Rev. Nov 2018

Part of footpath SALS9 on the Avon Farm walk is blocked by fallen trees, see News item
24. March 2020

At least 7 Long Distance Walking trails pass through or very close to Stratford sub Castle. Details are listed here.


We can also recommend a visit to the local Devenish Nature Reserve (image) where you can follow marked trails or simply wander around at will.
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