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Bird sightings & nesting in Stratford sub Castle


Blue tits in a Nesting Box May 2023

Seven eggs had been laid and all hatched.


Three fit and healthy chicks survived, pictured here on 24 May 2023. All fledged the following day.

Short video of the first chick to leave the nesting box. 25 May 2023

Images: Rosemary Winson

Red legged partridge Barbara Mayall (1).jpg

29 August 2021

"This red legged partridge has been on walk about and feeding in the garden for an hour or two today. It almost came in the conservatory from the patio."


Image: Barbara Mayall

Below: some sunflower hearts in a bird feeder enticed these birds into a Stratford garden, June 2021.

Images & Video: Rosemary Winson

A Goldfinch chick appealing for some help.

(click to start the video)

Robin giving way.jpg

Three Goldfinches invading what the Robin considers its own territory.

female blackbird.jpg

A female blackbird that had been watching the Goldfinches, tries to feed too. 

Male goldfinch, strong seed-eater's beak.

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