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The soil of the area is mainly chalky and so downland plants are much in evidence particularly up on the sides of the ancient hill fort of Old Sarum. There are plenty of other species at the valley bottom and by the side of the River Avon. There is a protected verge on the main road between Mill Lane and the church, where a fairly uncommon plant, Wild Clary (library image right), has formed a colony.

Wild Clary.JPG

John Winders has compiled a list of over 200 wildflowers which he has found growing in and around Stratford sub Castle. The plant list indicates at least one location for each plant and the map below indicates on which public footpath, roadside verge or other land accessible to anyone, where others might find them too. 

RS OS with locations.jpg

Wildflower list

Key to Map

Key to locations.JPG
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