Further off-road incident

Image: Salisbury Journal

Residents may have heard several emergency vehicles racing through Stratford early on Wednesday evening. They were on their way to the scene of the third local accident in the past two weeks.

On this occasion a vehicle had left the road and caught fire after demolishing a telegraph pole. The driver who sustained only minor injuries was arrested at the scene.

Image: Kerry O'Connor

News from Kerry O'Connor on 28 July

Two vehicles have left the Woodford Road in as many weeks, one between the Avon Bridge and this smaller bridge just north west of it and one through this smaller bridge.

This bridge carries the Woodford Road over a drain, currently dry, that can link two limbs of the River Avon. Cattle are grazing in this field, the breach is guarded by an electric fence pending brick repair. The earlier breach in the hedge nearby has been promptly repaired by estate staff.

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