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Investigation of Accident 'Black Spot' now completed - an UPDATE

Image: Salisbury Journal August 2020

The stretch of local road where these four accidents took place within a year has now been inspected by Wiltshire Council.

Director of Highways and Environment , Parvis Khansari having seen an engineer's report has commented:

"It is disappointing to learn about the number of incidents that have occurred at this location over the last twelve months and, and the damage that the incidents have caused. One of our engineers has visited the site and noted that nothing appeared amiss with the carriageway surface that would have resulted in the incidents occurring. Our engineer noted that there were very few signs advising motorists of the relatively twisty nature of the road and this, potentially coupled with vehicles travelling at inappropriate speeds, could be the cause of the incidents. Given the frequency of incidents, further consideration of potential causes and possible remedial measures would be warranted. For this site to be considered further you will need to raise the issue with the Community Area Transport Group (CATG)."

Kerry O'Connor has today completed the appropriate paperwork to pursue this matter through Woodford Parish Council, as this short stretch of road between Stratford Bridge and Avon Farm is just outside the Stratford sub Castle boundary.


Earlier News from 13 July

Parvis Khansari, Wiltshire Council's Director of Highways and Environment has this morning contacted me to confirm that a short stretch of a local road described by a resident of Stratford sub Castle as an accident 'Black Spot', is to be the subject of an investigation.

This rural road between Stratford Bridge and Avon Farm is just yards outside the Stratford boundary and has a 60 mph maximum speed limit. It is regularly used by walkers and cyclists as well as traffic seeking a shortcut between the A345 and the A360 via Phillips Lane. It is also part of the route of the Stonehenge double-decker tourist bus.

Our earlier news story summarised the four vehicular accidents that have occurred within the past twelve months on this stretch of roadway. The Wiltshire Councillor for St Francis & Stratford, Mark McClelland, responded quickly to my concern saying that although he is not technically responsible for that part of the road because it is just over the Divisional boundary, he had brought the matter to the attention of Wiltshire Council's Director of Highways and Environment.

Map Cllr Kevin Daley is the local councillor for the Till Valley, technically this stretch of road is in his division.


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