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Consequences of widening cyclepath/change to Zebra crossing status on Ashley Road

UPDATE: The temporary traffic lights and barriers have now been removed. Work to move the lamposts on either side of the road along with a dropped kerb to line up with the cycleway are awaited.

Earlier - 29 May

There are temporary traffic lights on Ashley Road whilst changes to the area adjacent to the newly-widened cycleway are made.

Approval for a wider cyclepath between Ashley Road and the Five Rivers bridge was given as part of the Salisbury Riverpark Scheme. More recently, a status change for the Zebra crossing was granted.

Although the cycleway has now re-opened, it does not line up with the pre-existing dropped kerb and a lampost (arrowed yellow in the image) will have to be moved.

Wiltshire Council's cabinet member for Transport, Tamara Reay, has commented:

As part of the Salisbury River Park project, further work is planned to widen and upgrade this crossing to allow cyclists to more easily cross Ashley Road and travel along the Avon Valley shared use path without being legally required to dismount at the Zebra crossing. The consultation for these works has now closed without any objections so we are now in the process of programming these works." Source: Salisbury Journal

Kier, the contractors for the Riverpark Scheme mention the need to move lamposts in their latest Community Newsletter, May 2024.

Riverpark Scheme May 2024 Newsletter_compressed
Download PDF • 479KB

Earlier News article dated 4 April 2024

"Status change for Zebra crossing on Ashley Road proposed by Wiltshire Council

Ashley Road

A Wiltshire Council notice dated 4 April 2024 displayed on a lampost in Ashley Road, proposes that the adjacent zebra crossing should become a 'Parallel Crossing' - a combined pedestrian and cycleway that will have priority 'over the road which it crosses'.

Comments about this change should be addressed to Wiltshire Council by 29 April.

More details in the Notice below.


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