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Cyclepath & footpath News

Progress is being made at the cycleway/footpath between Ashley Road and Five Rivers Heatlh & Wellbeing Centre, with a new wide trackway now in sight from Ashley Road.

Image taken 16 March 2024

lNews story 5 March 2024

The pedestrian/cycleway bridge near Five Rivers Leisure Centre and the footpath to Ashley Road will be closed for some weeks whilst the path (SALS 10) alongside the river is being widened as part of the Riverside Scheme.

The underpasses at Castle Roundabout are no longer flooded.

Footpath to the Mill Lane pedestrian bridge - the water level on the footpath has dropped and is passable in wellingtons (waders no longer needed!).

A request for repair work to the sunken section where the water is not draining away, has been submitted to WIltshire Council. UPDATE 9 April Message received: "Thank you for reporting this issue. The countryside access officers will look at path repairs when the water subsides."

The boardwalk through the Avon Valley Nature Reserve is closed.

Update 29 May 2024

The boardwalk is now open but the access from the Stratford end is very muddy (see image below).

29 May 2024

The debris on the footpath opposite The Old Castle Inn leading up to Old Sarum, has now been cleared.



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