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Work continues clearing The Portway Right of Way

Sign on 16 January close to the Parliament Stone

On Monday 15 January, the footpath from Portway Fosse upwards was closed to allow work to restart on clearing the right of way leading up from The Portway to Castle Road.

Sign on 15 January by Portway Fosse

It remained closed overnight as there were still hot embers from the bonfire that was lit to burn much of the debris.

To ovoid injuries, dogwalkers should not allow their dogs to wander. Wiltshire Council will re-open the path when it is safe to do so.

Earlier news on 18 December, 2023:

Application for Shrub & Tree clearance on path SALS3 adjacent to The Portway

With permission granted to clear this overgrown right-of-way, on Monday 18 December the South Wiltshire Ramblers' Heavy Gang team worked with Wiltshire Council to clear the path.

The cleared pathway

Parliament Stone is now accessible

See the improvement by comparing the images above with the 'before' images further down this page,

Original News article 20 October 2023:

20 October 2023

An overgrown path that runs from The Portway to Castle Road adjacent to Hudson's Field (path reference Restricted Byway PROW3), is the subject of a planning application to clear shrubs and trees which has made by Wiltshire Council's Countryside Access Team. A formal application is required as this location falls within the Conservation Area of Stratford sub Castle.

Extract from the Application:

"1. Felling along the path of scrub and some small trees to facilitate safe access along the Public Right of Way for members of the public, especially equestrians

2. Felling of dead elm trees (approx 300mm) where they overhang the path

3. Felling one larger tree (approx 600mm trunk) which is damaged and broken at the top. Marked with a red circle on the attached map. Species unknown as it is so engulfed in ivy. " (Ed: unable to trace this map. Links from the Planning Application lead to the ArcGIS extract shown below.)

REDApplication form
Download PDF • 172KB
Extract from ArcGIS 20 October 2023

This above application is included in the most recent applications for the Stratford sub Castle area, determined by a search of the Wiltshire Council website on 20 October. Our permanent webpage has been updated - Local Planning Applictions.

Parliament Stone 20 October 2023

The historic Parliament Stone is located on this pathway. More details in our Local History Section.


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