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All of the images, questions and answers have been compiled by Kerry O'Connor, Local History Group.

This is page 1 of a Local History Photo Quiz that began in mid-2020 and has been added to regularly since then.  

Questions numbered 1-17 are listed below, in reverse order. 
(Why are they in reverse order? It's just grown that way! Had the Editor known just how much material would be forthcoming, then it might have been planned differently.)

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Driving a jeep to the beach.jpg

Photo Quiz No. 17

What is the connection between this jeep approaching the Normandy landing beaches, and Old Sarum?

Picture1 football field (2).jpg

Photo Quiz no. 16

What is this line in the Stratford football field?


Photo Quiz no. 15

Whose signature is this?

(Clue, it is from 1550)

Where & when pic 1.jpg

Photo Quiz No. 14

Where is this and when was this image taken?

Millers Lane pic 1.jpg

Photo Quiz No. 13

What was this building where Millers Close now is?

Photo Quiz no. 12

Camp Hill pic 1.jpg
Camp Hill pic 2.jpg

This is Camp Down lying either side (north and south) of the road running west before it becomes steeper and more tortuous as Camp Hill (or Camp Down Hill or locally Snakey Hill) leading on up to the Devizes road.


What camp?

  • Romans 1st C  ?

  • Normans 11th C  ?

  • Empress Forces 12th C  ?

  • Royalists Civil War 17th C  ?

  • James II Troops 17th C  ?

  • Dragoons 18th C  ?

  • Swing Rioters 19th C  ?

  • Prisoners of War 20th C  ?

Camp Down Hill

Court House closup (1).jpg

Photo Quiz no. 11

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

Why so here?

church 1 dragons teeth.jpg
St L dragons teeth pic 2.jpg

Photo Quiz no. 10

What are these outside St Lawrence Church?

No. 8

340 Devizes Road (1).jpg

No. 9

This is 340 Devizes road. What is its link to Old Sarum and Stratford sub Castle?

Cob Wall by The Parsonage.jpg

No. 8

What sort of wall is this ?

  • Clunch ?

  • Cob ?

  • Cobble ?

  • Clay lump ?

  • Mud and stud ?

  • Polite ?

Ford farm (1).jpg

No. 7

When did Sarum first get put on the map……?

Photo Quiz 6 The Portway (1).jpg

No. 6

Where does this go?

  • Silchester?

  • London?

  • St Albans?

  • Winchester?

  • Staines?

Photo Quiz Dean Farm.jpg

No. 5 

What is this green bump above Dean’s Farm?

  • A Bronze age round barrow (burial mound)?

  • A water reservoir?

  • An Ordnance Survey Triangulation point?

  • A natural feature, a geological promontory?

  • All that is left from the motte of Newtown Westgate?

No. 4   Who owns Old Sarum?

Old Sarum with snow KO (1).jpg
  • English Heritage?

  • Historic England?

  • the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury Cathedral?

  • The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport?

  • Wiltshire County Council?

  • Wiltshire Wildlife Trust?

The Avenue Picture1.jpg
The Avenue Picture2.jpg

No. 3


Where is this?

water tower for quiz.jpg

No. 2

photo quiz polo club sign (1).jpg

This is a water tank at Druids Lodge. It predates the trees around it. Why was it built?

  1. To top up fire engine tenders, initially military but subsequently civilian?

  2. for the engines of the Larkhill Military Light Railway?

  3. for a WWI airbase that has since disappeared?

  4. as a decoy control tower for a decoy airstrip to its east

  5. to supply cold baths for overheated polo ponies’ legs?

  6. to supply by gravity and with more pressure than from the Till, poultry houses at Berwick St James?

  7. to supply the Druids Lodge swimming pool to its south west?

  8. for a Royal Observer Corps station with open sky above and a water tank below?


          No. 1


What is this embankment between the allotments and the leisure centre?

  • a disused railway line?

  • flood defences?

  • a long barrow?

  • a rubbish dump?

  • a natural geological feature?

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