Village News in the Fourteenth Century - From the Courts

Some of the hangings in 1302 at Old Sarum

Delivery of the gaol of Old Salisbury castle before R. de Suthcote and W. Brembelshete, justices assigned for its delivery, at Old Salisbury, Friday after St. Peter’s Chains 30 Edw. I [3 Aug. 1302].


330 Wiltes’. Walter dc Pirho became an approver before Alan de Langeford, Walter de Ponte, Richard de la Lee, and William de la Sale of Bradeford, coroners of Wiltes’, and confessed himself a thief of divers stolen goods. He comes and withdraws. So hanged. No chattels.

337 Nicholas le Bakere became an approver and appealed Andrew Kene of Lynham for stealing in the approver’s fellowship a heifer (juvencam) in Daunteseye field and for other larcenies. Andrew pl. n.g. Jury say n.g. So quit. Nicholas is convicted of his false appeal and hanged. No chattels.

338 Michael Hemery and Ralph Beresorwe, taken by appeal of the same for slaying John de Grundewell and Christine his wife and for divers robberies and larcenies done at Westtockenham, pl. n.g. Jury say g. So hanged. No chattels.

342 Silvester de Ore turned approver. None is attached because none found. But the keeper of the said gaol prosecutes Silvester for breaking the gaol and contriving his and his fellows’ escape. He pl. n.g. Jury say g. So hanged. No chattels.

Some of the hangings in 1303 at Old Sarum

Delivery of Old Salisbury castle gaol before R. de Suthcote and W. de Brembelshete, justices assigned to deliver it at Old Salisbury, Wednesday after a month from Easter 31 Edw. I [8 May 1303].

388 Robert son of William le Keu, of Orcheston, and Walter son of Adam le Tethyngeman, taken by Geoffrey’s appeal because they were in his fellowship at the theft of 44 muttons in Bishop’s Lavynton fields, pl. n.g. Jury say g. So hanged. No chattels.

389 John le Cok, taken by Geofl'rey’s appeal because he was in his fellowship at a robbery done to William Pylk of Bradeford of wool and £9 of silver, pl. n.g. Jury say g. of the larceny and robbery. So hanged. No chattels.

391 Roger le Yonge of Motcoumbe, taken for larcenies, turned approver before Alan de Langeford, coroner, and confessed himself a thief in respect of (de) divers larcenies. He withdraws. So hanged. No chattels.

A Stratford man flees the law, tried in absentia at Wilton in 1306

Indictments of Wiltshire done at Wilton before W. Martyn, H. Spigurnel, and their fellows, justices of oyer and terminer in that county, Friday the morrow of Michaelmas 34 Edw. I [30 Sept. 1306].


DONTON, KNOWEL, UNDERDYCH, BOROUGH OF DONTON, AND OLD SALISBURY                                          

979 Walter Tylie of Stratford slew Richard Godard, shepherd (bercarium) of Ralph Fayryegh.


1129 Order [alias], to the sheriff of Wiltshire to exact the following persons from county to county [to the point of outlawry] if they do not come, and, if they come, to take and keep them in prison and have them here on this day, as he was [formerly] charged to take them and have them here to answer the king for divers felonies and to seize their goods, but had testified that they could not be found in his bailiwick and that none had goods except Walter Tylye, whose chattels, to the value of 5d., he had seized: ………………Walter Tylye of Stratford,




Pugh, Ralph B. 1978 Wiltshire Gaol Delivery And Trailbaston Trials 1275-1306 Wiltshire Record Society  



Trailbaston trials were a peripatetic court in use under Edward I, II, III. Baston was a club or staff. The guilty could be fined, hanged OR BOTH!

'Oyer and terminer' was a commission given to a judge to hear criminal cases at an assizes court.



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