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How did Salisbury Library mark World Book Day on Thursday 7 March ?

Left – publicity organiser Dickie Bellringer, treasurer Paul Givens and coordinator Jeremy Walker.

On World Book Day at Salisbury Library the message was clear – "If you cannot

read then local literacy charity Read Easy can help."

During the day volunteers manned a stall and spoke to members of the public

about the work of South and East Wiltshire Read Easy.

During a discussion in the afternoon Read Easy team leader Julia West


We would like people to spread the word about Read Easy and to

encourage any adult who has problems with reading to get in touch with us.

“We offer a free, confidential one-to-one service in a convenient venue. The

commitment is for two half hour sessions a week and we will support the

reader throughout their journey.

Library staff pulled out all the stops on the day dressed as favourite characters in children’s literature. And Sherlock Holmes (aka community library manager Philip Tomes) talked about all the material that the library has to help people with reading, and the various activities designed to encourage people to frequent the library.

Quick Reads by The Reading Agency, for example, provides a route on from the Read Easy course that stresses great story telling and adult-focused content while ensuring books are written in an accessible and easy style. The books are written by some of the most popular authors like Andy McNab, Jojo Moyes, Anne Cleeves, Ian Rankin and the late lamented Benjamin Zephaniah. Quick Read books area available to borrow from the library

The event was a joint effort between Read Easy, the library and the Royal

Society for the Arts Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). The deputy chair of

the Salisbury network of the RSA, Frances Owen, said the organisation had

been campaigning for social change for 270 years.

If you know someone who cannot read, then please get in touch with Ann

Greaves at or call 07942 382318.


News from 10 February

THE RSA (Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), literacy charity 'Read Easy' and Salisbury Library are joining forces to celebrate World Book Day on 7 March – to show that people can learn to read at any age.


 At the Read Easy display in Salisbury Library are, from left: volunteer recruiter Ann Greaves, team leader Julia West, co-ordinator supporter Caroline Finch, co-ordinator Jocelyn Pannett,

senior library assistant Darren Wells and publicity organiser Dickie Bellringer

Called 'Spreading the Word', there will be a Read Easy display in the library all day and at 3.30pm in the Lounge area on the first floor there will be short talks by Neil Beagrie of the RSA, community library manager Philip Tomes and Read Easy team leader Julia West.

Neil, who leads the RSA Salisbury network, said: “Our aims for the day are to raise awareness, to build links with other community organisations and volunteers and to help adults who have difficulty with reading and all the other social challenges that this brings.”

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions followed by a round table discussion.

Read Easy South and East Wiltshire is a volunteer organisation, affiliated to the national charity Read Easy. They provide free, confidential, one-to-one reading coaching for adults. The group has 11 people being helped with their reading aged from 25 to 79. It is thought that 11,000 people in the area may need help with their reading.

For 260 years the RSA has been campaigning for social change. From its inception it has supported new inventions, ideas and education and is committed to a world that is resilient, rebalanced and regenerative, where everyone can fulfil their potential.

Salisbury Library is at the heart of the city and has a range of books to help people with their reading.

Read Easy is looking to recruit a reader coach in Tidworth, an administrator/secretary, a venues organiser and a deputy literacy specialist, a role that likely to suit someone with a teaching background. For more information on any of these roles, please contact Ann at





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