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The chicks have flown from a bird box in Stratford....

Nest Box on 24 May 2023

Update 25 May

The chicks have fledged this morning. The first one to leave the nest box was caught on camera below. The parent bird's tactic was to enter the nest box with food but refuse to give it to any of the chicks. Then she/he left the box and held the food on view from a nearby perch. Each chick in turn eventually followed to claim the offered morsel/reward.

short video 25 May 2023 - first chick leaving the nest box

On 24 May

There are still 3 chicks in the bird box but two are dominating the feeding regime by pushing the third smaller one right to the back of the box, further away from the entrance. So the adult (to the right of the screenshot at the top of this page) puts food into the beaks of the nearest chicks. Survival of the fitest.

On 16 May

Three blue tit chicks on 16 May 2023

There were at least six chicks, possibly seven. However, there are now only three but they are lively and their feathers are growing.

Both parents have been spotted inside the nest box at the same, but not captured on a recording.

Original news article 13 May

The chicks have hatched and a camera inside the bird box has captured a short video that can be viewed on the village website's YouTube channel.

How many Blue Tit chicks can you see?


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