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Giving Directions to your home

If your home doesn't have a house number or if it shares a Post Code with several other properties, have you considered giving your W3W reference when providing directions to your address or when placing a delivery order?

What 3 Words (W3W) has allocated a unique reference to each 3-metre-square area of land in the world, enabling the location of every property to be described accurately by quoting a simple reference.

Here is one example of how useful this could be:

The Reading Room in Stratford Road is included in the postcode SP1 3LL which it shares with several properties, including St Lawrence Church but it has a unique W3W address of bench.skylights.thatched Potential hirers of Stratford's village hall can quickly check its precise location as the W3W reference is displayed on the Reading Room information webpage.

A W3W reference is accepted by most delivery companies and by other organisations, including the Emergency Services and Wiltshire Council. W3W can be used to describe a location even if it's not close to a dwelling, ideal for annotating flytipping reports etc.

W3W is now used by the Ramblers organisation to provide details of a meeting point, whereas in the past a post code entered into a car's sat nav was often unhelpful or downright misleading in rural areas.

You don't need a smartphone or the W3W app to find your home's unique reference, if you are reading this, then you have internet access, Visit the W3W website and follow the instructions. You will need to allow your location to be found by clicking the location finder icon at the bottom right of the W3W webpage.



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