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Floods & Storms around Stratford sub Castle 2020

Water Meadows Feb 2020.jpg
Looking north form Durnford Road Feb 202

Water meadows doing what they were designed to do.


These images were taken from Durnford Road on 21 February 2020..

Swans from Durnford Road Feb 2020.jpg
flood by church.jfif

Water flowed across Stratford Road, near to the church.

tree blown over Feb 2020.jpg
Monarch's Way blocked Feb 2020.jpg

The Monarch's Way footpath leading towards Salterton was quickly cleared by Wiltshire Council after this situation was  reported. 

Adjacent to the footpath leading towards Avon Farm, a Beech tree, uprooted by the wind, displays just how shallow its root system had been. 

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