Garden Club 2020 - 2021 season

The Garden Club's 2020/2021 articles written during the coronavirus restrictions. 

This wonderful wet summer.....

August 2021

Are we going to have any lunch today?

May 2021

Spring will come!

January 2021

Dorothy's Challenge

September 2020

We didn't like it at all, that cold, wet month of May

July 2021

Grow lots of different things

April 2021

Grasses could be your answer

December 2020

With no space in the garden, where are these potatoes.....

June 2021

Get the rhythm!

March 2021

It has to be ORANGE

October 2020

Photographs taken by Garden Club Members:     

June 2020

July 2020

Chairman's Message September 2020

Traditionally the Garden Club holds the annual AGM in June but as a result of the current virus the 2020 AGM was carried out via email. Over 50% of members responded and all proposals were unanimously carried. The following Chairman’s Report was conveyed to the members.

Chairman’s Report 2020

It is with regret that we could not schedule our regular AGM in June this year, but as we are only too well aware isolation during the past few months has put many things on hold.


Until lockdown took effect, we had a series of interesting speakers with Alan Edmondson in September talking about why foxgloves have no smell, followed in October by Roger Hirons presenting a talk about plants discovered by Victorians Explorers, although interesting it was disappointing not to learn more about the explorers themselves. In November Lyn Miles talked about her passion for snowdrops, cakes and her family. The new year was welcomed in by our own Jeff and Steve reminding us that there are no gardening mistakes only experiments, a talk which also reminded us that we have local talented speakers as the evening was both well attended and enjoyable. Then we had the last meeting of our year in February with John Trim discussing the growing of vegetables for the garden. A short series but a varied selection of topics and speakers.

We now have to look forward into the unknown, although thanks to Angelina we have a full schedule, it is difficult to determine when we will start again in the Reading Room. I have approached Revd Sarah regarding the possible use of St Lawrence church and received a positive response however, it would require everyone sitting with masks on for over an hour and I am not sure how attractive that would be, in addition to the speakers preparing to come and the logistics required to support the speaker. Any views would be welcome but at present we are holding back from pursuing this option. Not wishing to be too negative, I believe unfortunately unless life changes significantly we may have to write off this year to November and hope we can recommence in January. Certainly, the September, October and November meetings are cancelled.


The committee have also decided as there were so many open garden events planned prior to the lockdown which will flow into next year that it would be sensible not to plan for an open garden event during 2021 possibly moving it to 2022-23.

On a positive note, thank you to everyone who contributed to the photographic displays  in the Parish Magazine, it is great that they are now included on the Stratford sub Castle web-site. link to page

The committee have discussed the question of members subscriptions, obviously the yearly increase voted at a previous AGM of £15.00 will not now take effect. We have decided that the next three meetings will be at no charge to members and that any further meetings for that year will be charged to members on a pro rata basis determined by the treasurer. The committee are also considering running a raffle at selected meetings to underpin our finances as the costs of having six to seven speakers during the year can exceed £500. Currently we have 44 members.

I would like to thank the committee for their support and work during this difficult period, Angelina for securing a full programme then managing the speakers during this difficult period, Jan for all her work with the accounts,

Judith as a very valuable secretary, Dorothy for both her support and her excellent meeting write-ups and Jo and Christine managing all the backroom stuff, also many thanks for all those that assist on the evening without which the evening would not be as enjoyable.

As you are aware four members stepped down at our last AGM which means Committee members are still desperately needed, I am delighted that one member of our club has stepped forward, if you want to know what is involved just get in touch with any committee member it is not an arduous job and could even be fun and we still need more new committee members .


Let us all hope a new year, a new beginning.

Barry Goldsmith


September 2020