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Boundary Stone

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Just north of the Devenish Nature Reserve the Monarch’s Way and Pewsey Avon Trails cross.


Alongside the path leading downhill to Salterton Farm is a stone (not concrete) inscribed 'JW'. 

(Location details)

The JW was Jerry Woodford of Dean’s Farm, Stratford sub Castle, his surname Woodford and stones marking the boundary of his land in the Woodford Valley is a coincidence. He was farming at the outbreak of the Second World War and these stones were in place by then.[1]

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On the Tithe map of 19 June 1843 this point is where the land of John Davis, tenant John Hyde, met (to the south east) that of Edward Hinxman (of Little Durnford Manor), joint tenants Joseph and Edmund Olding.


This stone is not shown on the first nor second Ordnance Survey maps but appears in the 20th Century on the third as does another due south of it at the corner of the Roundabout plot.[2] This is not on a (Durnford) parish boundary.

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1844-1888 OS  25” 1st Ed from Know Your Place

JW stone 8.jpg

1894-1903 OS  25” 2nd Ed

from Know Your Place

JW stone 9.jpg

1898-1939 OS  25” 3rd Ed

from Know Your Place

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Roundabout is a house built between 1899 and 1915, when it was lived in by the architect A. C. Bothams.[3] 


The place name Roundabout predates the house. It refers to a stone (no longer there) on the top of the hill from where there was a good view “roundabout”.[4]

Kerry O’Connor

March 2022


[1] Bray, Roy. Octogenarian and life long local resident and for thirty five years local farm worker whose father knew Jerry Woodford, personal communication.


[2] Maps from Wiltshire Historic Environment Record  © Crown Copyright and Database Rights 2021, Ordnance Survey 150049050. © Copyright Getmapping PLC.


[3] A P Baggs, Jane Freeman and Janet H Stevenson, 'Parishes: Durnford', in A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 15, Amesbury Hundred, Branch and Dole Hundred, ed. D A Crowley (London, 1995), pp. 79-93. British History Online [accessed 2 November 2021].


[4] Thompson, S. Local Resident. Personal communication.

Location details:

Grid Reference SU 13045 35391 Grid Reference (6 figure) SU130353 X (Easting) , Y (Northing) 413045 , 135391  Latitude , Longitude (decimal) 51.117661 , -1.8150052 Latitude , Longitude (degs, mins, secs) 51°07′04″N , 001°48′54″W

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The footpath leading to Salterton Farm is a section of footpath DURN17, recorded on the Wiltshire Council Definitive Map 

Location Details
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