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Salisbury River Park - art installation in progress - and a timeline for scheme completion

There is evidence of unusual activity when walking the boardwalk route from Stratford sub Castle through the Avon Valley Nature Reserve.

Where the footpath temporarily diverts towards Coldharbour Lane, work was today being carried out on a living willow sculpture by its designer, artist Zac Newham. The Willow Bulb is one of the new public art commissions for the Salisbury River Park.

Image: RW 8 October 2023

"The Willow Bulb, which is part of a wider low sensory/calm space, will be a large living willow sculpture that people will be able to sit in and enjoy. It will be situated to the side of the orchard and will be connected to other areas by a path and will involve weaving large lengths of live willow around a temporary frame.

A lot of this willow is going to be cut from the willow trees at the eastern end of Ashley Road (opposite the Studio Theatre), as these are due for removal later in the year."

Image RW 8 October 2023 - taken from the footpath diversion

A copy of the River Park Scheme's September Newsletter is available to download below. More details about the Willow Bulb are on page 3.

Download PDF • 378KB

The Timeline below has been taken from the Newsletter. A 'Scheme Opening Weekend' is shown for June 2024.

Image - taken from the Newsletter


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