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William Pitt - 'Pitt the Elder' 

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A blue plaque at the entrance gate to Mawarden Court records that William Pitt (1708-1778) 'spent part of his boyhood here'. 


Mawarden Court, the home of his grand-parents, was built within sight of St Lawrence Church and faces east towards the historic monument of Old Sarum. 

William Pitt was the MP for the Rotten Borough of Old Sarum from 1735-47 and Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1766-68. He was also known as the Great Commoner, because of his long-standing refusal to accept a title until 1766 when he became the First Earl of Chatham.

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Mawarden Court takes its name from Richard de Mawardyn.  
Details in an article held on the Local History Group's external storage drive

Refurbished William Pitt blue plaque
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