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Local History Group's response to moving the Parliament Stone

Image taken from Hudson's Field
Image taken from Hudson's Field

The Stratford sub Castle Local History Group has considered the proposal to move the Parliament Stone into Hudson's Field reported in our earlier news story on 13 November here.

David Balston, Chairman of the Local History Group has commented:

"We believe that the Parliament Stone should remain in its current location, based on the following considerations:

  • It is on a historic pathway and moving it would reduce the need to maintain the pathway for future generations.

  • It would be possible to see the location of the Parliament Tree from the current location if a dead tree was taken down. We would encourage Salisbury City Council, who are responsible for the maintenance of the path, to improve the surface, at least as far as the Stone, and to cut back the vegetation, including many tree branches, to make use of the path easier. We also feel that the removal of the dead tree could be undertaken, either by the Council or the landowner depending on its precise location, and a short sturdy wooden fence erected so that the original location of the Parliament Tree can be easily seen from the Stone.

  • It is easy to get to the location from Hudson's Field without using the length of The Portway and, indeed, it can be seen without leaving the Field. We would encourage the Council to erect an information board at this point and signposts to direct people to the part of Hudson's Field from which the Stone can be seen.

A long-term aim is to improve the condition of The Portway along its whole length.

The next step is for Salisbury City Council to respond to both proposals."

David Balston Chairman Stratford sub Castle History Group


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