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The full list of taxes paid by Stratford residents in 1332* was

For Stratford (Stratforde) in the Underditch (Wonderdyche) Hundred

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The Wiltshire assessors and collectors in 1332 were Hildebrand of London, lord of Axford manor near Ramsbury and sheriff of Wiltshire in 1330-1 and John of Harnham who had an estate at Harnham and was made surveyor of Clarendon park in 1331 and keeper of Wilton in 1332. The tax was paid at two rates, a fifteenth (6.67%) (those with movables valued at less than 10 s were exempt) or a tenth (ditto less than 6 s).  


* (If you clicked here hoping to see more up to date information the Commissioners for Revenue & Customs Act (CRCA) 2005 has a provision at section 23 that exempts from disclosure under FOI any information relating to identifiable HMRC customers.)



The Wiltshire Tax List Of 1332 Wiltshire The Roll Of Hildebrand De Londone And John De Harnham, Assessors And Collectors Of The Fifteenth And Tenth Granted To The Lord King In The Same County, Of The Assessment And Collection Of The Said Fifteenth And Tenth Made By Them In The Seventh Year Of The Reign Of King Edward, The Third After The Conquest.

Wiltshire Record Society Vol XLV


Kerry O’Connor
9 January 2021

Taxes paid by residents of Stratford sub Castle known as Stratforde Deane and Stratforde Common

in 1576

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There were two taxes listed, the two fifteenths and tenths, a fixed charge levy on each county and the Tudor Subsidy, a graduated direct tax.

"Extractes indented made the tenthe daye of June in the eightenth yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God quene of Englande France and Irelande, defender of the faithe etc. Betwene the righte honerable Henrie earle of Pembroke, Edmonde by the sufferaunce of God bisshoppe of Sarum [sic], Sir George Penruddock knighte and Gyles Estcourte esquier, fower of her majesties commissioners amongeste dyvers other within the countye of Wilteshire appoynted for the taxinge seasinge and levyenge of the firste paymente of the subsidye graunted to her majestie in her parlyament holden at Westminster the eighte day of Februarye laste paste before the date hereof within the hundredes of Ambrosburie, Downton, Frustfilde, Chalke, Cawdon and Cadworthe, Underdyche, Elstubbe and Everleighe, Brenche and Dolle, Alderburye, and the boroughes of Wilton, Lurgateshall, and Downton of the one partie and Henrie Bodenham gentleman petye collector appoynted within the saide hundredes and boroughes of the other partie witnesseth that the saide comissioners have assigned and appoynted the saide Henrie Bodenham pettie collector of the saide paymente of the saide subsidye within the saide hundredes and boroughes to collecte gether and levye all and everie the saide some and somes of money uppon everie parson and persons rated and chardged in his saide extracte and the some so levied to paye unto Henrye Bodenham esquier highe collector of the saide hundredes and boroughes at suche tyme and place as the saide highe collector shall appointe within the saide hundredes and boroughes reteyninge two pence for everie pounde for the fees of the saide pettie collector accordinge to the saide acte or graunte of subsidye. In witnes wherof wee the saide comissioners to these extractes have sett our handes and seales. Yeaven the daye and yeare firste above written. Signed: Edm. Sar’, H. Pembroke, George Penruddocke, Gyles Estcourte

Hundredum De Underdich"


Two Sixteenth Century Taxation Lists 1545 And 1576
Edited By G. D. Ramsay 1957



Kerry O’Connor

25 January 2021

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