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The full list of taxes paid by Stratford residents in 1332* was

For Stratford (Stratforde) in the Underditch (Wonderdyche) Hundred

The Wiltshire assessors and collectors in 1332 were Hildebrand of London, lord of Axford manor near Ramsbury and sheriff of Wiltshire in 1330-1 and John of Harnham who had an estate at Harnham and was made surveyor of Clarendon park in 1331 and keeper of Wilton in 1332. The tax was paid at two rates, a fifteenth (6.67%) (those with movables valued at less than 10 s were exempt) or a tenth (ditto less than 6 s).  


* (If you clicked here hoping to see more up to date information the Commissioners for Revenue & Customs Act (CRCA) 2005 has a provision at section 23 that exempts from disclosure under FOI any information relating to identifiable HMRC customers.)



The Wiltshire Tax List Of 1332 Wiltshire The Roll Of Hildebrand De Londone And John De Harnham, Assessors And Collectors Of The Fifteenth And Tenth Granted To The Lord King In The Same County, Of The Assessment And Collection Of The Said Fifteenth And Tenth Made By Them In The Seventh Year Of The Reign Of King Edward, The Third After The Conquest.

Wiltshire Record Society Vol XLV


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January 2021

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