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All of the images, questions and answers have been compiled by Kerry O'Connor Local History Group

Photo Quiz questions 18 - 29 in reverse order

Kneelers (shrunk).webp

No. 29

Why do most of the kneelers in our parish church bear a grid emblem?

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No. 28

In 1881 this polished, dark grey axe was found along with several skeletons in an excavation at the (back of) Old Castle Inn (the side of but long predating the modern A road). It was curated and held by the Blackmore museum that had opened in 1867 at the rear of the Salisbury Museum in St Ann’s Street, moving to the King’s House in the Close in 1981 where it is still on display. It is 116x52x25 mm in size.  It was made in 3800 – 2500 BC of porcellanite, a hard silica rock that resembles unglazed porcelain.



Where is it from?

  • Tuckingmill, Camborne, Cornwall

  • Locmariaquer, Brittany

  • Great Langdale, Cumbria

  • Le Pinacle, Jersey

  • Tievebulliagh or Rathlin, Antrim

  • Grimes Graves, Norfolk

  • Graig Lwyd, Conwy

  • North Roe, Shetland

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Stratford Motors, shrunk.jpg
Old Smithy shrunk.jpg

No. 27

What did these two sites have in common in the 19th and 20th Centuries?


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Romanesque shrunk.jpg

No. 26

How old is this carving in a buttress on the south wall of St Lawrence Church ?

  • 200 years

  • 500 years

  • 900 years

  • 1200 years

  • 1500 years

  • 1800 years

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water meadows shrunk.jpg

No. 25

This shows Parsonage Farm 130 years ago. What are the parallel lines indicated by the yellow arrows?

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flax shrunk.jpg

No. 24

For how long has this crop been used in Wiltshire?

  • 250 years

  • 500 years

  • 1,000 years

  • 2,000 years

  • 5,000 years

  • 10,000 years

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No. 23


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What is this circular mark on a house on the Old Sarum side of the Stratford Road in the village?

  • feather and wedge rock splitting marks made in the quarry

  • mason marks as a basis for payment and inheitable father to son

  • assembly marks to denote where the block goes in construction

  • cup and ring marks and gutters

  • Apotropaic marks to ward off evil

  • The mark of the 18thC Sun Fire (insurance) Office denoting cover against fire

  • A church sundial

  • A fossil

No. 22

tunnel (1).jpg

What is this hollow on the north east boundary of the outer bailey of Old Sarum?

  • A chalk pit

  • A WWII bomb crater

  • An interwar Boscombe Down aircraft crash crater

  • A dew pond

  • A tunnel mouth

  • A sinkhole

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Picture2 water pipeline.jpg

No. 21

This view shows Old Sarum top left and Castle Hill Country Park bottom right and between them the square feature in the centre is the Castle Hill Water reservoir. The Roman Road to Winchester runs roughly east west past Old Sarum Pig Farm.

What stood alongside it at the yellow pin location between the 12th and 16th century?

  • An older pig farmstead

  • The Church of the Holy Cross or Rood

  • A leper colony

  • An Inn

  • The eastern suburb of Old Sarum

  • A Barbican

  • An old cannon

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Picture1 (1).jpg
image with yellow line added.jpg

No. 20

Our village lies naturally in two zones, with a dividing line running from the gas substation on Gradidge lane to the footpath near Kingsbridge Mead.


What are these two zones ?

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Picture1 gas pipeline.jpg

No. 19

In 1969 a North Sea gas pipeline was laid across the Earl of Chichester's land (the Durnford estate).

What did the excavator unearth in the field between The Rings and Middle Field Barn, marked by a yellow pin on this Google Earth view?

  • An older water pipeline ?

  • A hoard of coins from the Sarum Mint ?

  • Artefacts from Sarum Cathedral ?

  • Newtown Westgate Cemetery ?

  • A couple of graves ?

  • A buried sarsen stone ?

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Old sarum Airfield.jpg

No. 18 

This is an aerial view of Old Sarum Monument and Airfield, taken by the Luftwaffe in September 1940.


What are the lines (arrowed) on the airfield?

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