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The Long History of Old Sarum

a recent image of Old Sarum

The website is delighted to include in its History section a reformatted version of 'A Long History Of Old Sarum' with the kind consent of the report's author, Alix Smith. This version combines all 4 articles previously published in The Friends of St Lawrence Church Newsletters between Autumn 2021 and Spring 2023 *. Alix has researched four specific 'ages' of Old Sarum - the Iron Age period, the Roman period, early Medieval and Medieval periods.

Alix has been involved with the University of Southampton's Old Sarum Landscapes Project as a volunteer, and has had practical experience as a detectorist in the fields around Stratford sub Castle. She is a member of the Stratford Local History Group and a Trustee of The Friends of St Lawrence Church.


* Newsletters numbered 36, 37, 38. & 39 The Friends of St Lawrence Church is a Registered Charity, no. 1063271 Details.


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