Stratford's streetlighting saga

Update 24 September

SSE Board vans (and a digger) were in Stratford early this morning and it was confirmed they were here to fix the streetlights. Lighting-up-time awaited with interest....

6.45 pm - Working!

earlier news 15 September

This response was received from Wiltshire Council on 15 September:

"I refer to your email to Cllr Douglas which has been passed to me for reply.

I was sorry to hear about the problem with the street lighting. The street lighting is managed for the Council by Atkins with the help of our contractors Ringway. The lights have been inspected and unfortunately the problem is not with the Council’s equipment. There appears to be a fault with the underground power supply which is the responsibility of the energy supply company SSE, and our contractors are not allowed to work on their mains.

The response time for SSE to deal with these faults is 25 days, or 20 days for multiple faults, which is a national agreement set by the regulator OFGEN. It is appreciated that they need to prioritise the supplies to domestic and business premises, but this can be frustrating for us and the public when it can take so long to get the street lights operational again.

Often Atkins staff are able to get a faster response from SSE, and they will continue to chase them to get the supply to these lights operational again.

I hope this helps explain the current situation.


Peter Binley "


Published on Monday 14 September: Atkins, working on behalf of WCC, have this morning (Monday 14 September) advised the issue will be resolved within 25 working days. Clearly this is not an appropriate response to a whole residential area being without streetlights. I have therefore contacted our Wiltshire Council representative Mary Douglas asking for help to raise the priority rating for the work.

Thank you to those residents who've reported the situation around their homes.



Original news story published 11 September follows....

With no street lights working along the northern part of Stratford Road, this lone cyclist must have been feeling very vulnerable.

Wiltshire Council were advised of the problem this morning (11 September) and their response was that they will refer the matter to the contractors who carry out maintenance work on behalf of Wiltshire Council.

The contractors in turn advised that they have reported the problem to SSE.

You can complete a report to Wiltshire Council online here.

How widespread is the problem? Are other parts of Stratford affected? Please let us know by emailing

Jane Court of the Local History Group wrote an article about Streetlighting in Stratford sub Castle earlier this year.

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