Scaffolding at the Reading Room

Update 29 May

Work has re-started.

News from Richard Death (on 26 March)

No, it's not falling down! The fascia boards on the Reading Room have weathered and the paint is cracked and in a poor state. We could simply repaint it, and that would solve the problem for now, but it would need to be repainted in a few years. After some discussion, it was decided that putting uPVC fascia boards over the wood, would be a better long term solution. It would lose a little bit of the "structure" of the current fascia which has some panelling effect, but it wasn't thought to be particularly special or attractive and its' loss would not be serious.

A local company was selected to carry out the work and a start date of Monday 23 March was agreed. Scaffolding was erected at the front and back of the Reading Room, so the work could be carried out safely. The local company phoned just before they were due to start, to explain that the prolonged wet weather (remember that?) had delayed them slightly and they would now start on Wed 25 March. Then the schools were closed and the fitters experienced some child care issues, which they expected to be able to resolve within a day or so, and then the country went into lockdown. We don't know when they will be able to start the job.

Just to be completely clear. The scaffolding and the work to be done is a decorative issue only. There are no structural or safety problems with our Reading Room. 


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