Salisbury Trails app launched

Residents and visitors to the Cathedral City of Salisbury can now download a new app to discover the stories behind the people and events that shaped the city's history.

The app content has been created by the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, which holds the county and borough's archives dating back 800 years including a wealth of material on the city of Salisbury.

Currently the app has three themed trails:

  • A Medieval Meanderings trail takes people on a walk through Salisbury's medieval streets and into historic buildings.

  • A trail that takes people through the trials and tribulations experienced by the city with Witchcraft, Riots and Treason.

  • Inspired by Salisbury Civic Society's book Salisbury in detail, the #LookUpSalisbury trail highlights some of the strange and fun features of the city's historic buildings including a bear, a lion and the mythical symbol of Wessex - the Wyvern

The app is available free for download to Apple and Android devices via the Apple App-Store and Google Play.

More details on Wiltshire Council website here.