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Flooding in subway between Waitrose & city centre

13 January 2023

Updated 24 January

Pedestrians and cyclists were able to use the subway today, there were just a couple of small puddles.

News published 13 January 2023

A question "Does the River Park Project include a plan to prevent the regular flooding of the pedestrian and cyclists' underpass alongside the Avon between Waitrose and the city centre?" received this response from the Environment Agtency today:

"This underpass is owned by, and the responsibility of National Highways. The Environment Agency has no involvement in the maintenance of this underpass. The first phase of the River Park scheme, which we are delivering, does not include any works to this underpass. However, we are working with National Highways and Wiltshire Council on a separate project that is looking to improve this underpass and should address the regular flooding issues there. I don’t know yet though when this will be delivered but further information should be available shortly.

Andy Wallis

Salisbury River Park Project Lead

Dorset and Wiltshire Partnership & Strategic Overview team

Environment Agency - Wessex Area ___________________________________________

The Stratford Guild's 8 February talk is about the River Park Project:


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