Prints of a local 1890s view available to purchase (for Christmas?)

A new page featuring a 'Magic Lantern' image from the 1890s has been added to the Local History section of the website. In the article Kerry O'Connor describes the view of Old Sarum and Mill Lane taken from Devizes Road in the 1890s and compares it to a photo he has taken from the same viewpoint in 2020.

Copies of the 1890s photo which have been professionally scanned and printed, can be purchased from the Stratford sub Castle History Group:

12 x 12 inches: £15

10 x 10 inches: £12

A4, cropped and frameless glass mounted: £18

Free delivery within the village.

If you are interested in acquiring a copy please contact

Kerry O’Connor tel: 01722 328743

or David Balston tel: 01722 411628

What a lovely Christmas present!