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Image: Barbara Mayall

Update 28 April

Barbara Mayall chose the right moment to view the Salisbury Cathedral webcam today, just as four peregrine falcon chicks were being fed. What good timing Barbara and thank you for sending copies of your screenshots to the website!

Image: Barbara Mayall

16 March

One egg has been laid, visible on the webcam at 0800 today.

Image: Salisbury Cathedral @SalisburyCath Twitter

Salisbury Cathedral has today (12 March) shared the news that two peregrines, believed to be a mated pair, have been visiting the nestbox on the tower this week.

The webcam is now live link here.

"So, for the next few weeks, if you are in the Salisbury area or walking in the Close, keep an eye out for the falcons, and if you tune into the cameras in the Tower you may see them preparing a ‘scrape’ or hollow in the nestbox gravel. They do this by hunkering down and kicking with their legs. It may look odd but they do it for a very good reason. Peregrines generally nest high up on cliffs, where they scrape gravel into a hollow to stop their eggs rolling apart or falling off the rock shelf."

More in the article here on the Cathedral website.

This website has a photo album full of screenshots of the peregrine falcons during the 2020 nesting season. View it here.

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