Peregrine Falcon webcam - more pics

Screenshot 31 May by Barbara Mayall

Two more screenshots from the webcam taken on 31 May

Screenshot 31 May by Barbara Mayall

Here is a link to the Webcams that broadcast LIVE footage of the Peregrine Falcon's nest high up on the tower of Salisbury Cathedral:

Screenshot 23 May by Barbara Mayall

If you have been following the progress of the peregrine chicks, you may be interested in 'The Peregrine Detective' part of the Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend - more details on the News page.

Screenshot 23 May by Barbara Mayall

Waiting for supper, 17 May 2020 (screenshot from the webcam)

The webcam is available 24/7 and the sound of the bell for the cathedral clock can be clearly heard as it strikes out each hour, half hour and quarter, not appearing to disturb the birds.

A cathedral blog revealed that an un-ringed bird had laid 4 eggs by 30 March.

One of the Salisbury Cathedral's ringed birds, a female named Sally, featured in BBC's Springwatch programme in 2017. Her tracker stopped working last autumn and Sally's whereabouts or fate are not known.


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