Peregrine webcam

Looking at the rain (like us) - screenshot Barbara Mayall

Views of the birds have been scarce this week and the live webcam on the tower of Salisbury Cathedral has been switched off this evening. Our final screenshot was taken this afternoon, Thursday 18 June.

All the screenshots that have appeared on this page over the past few weeks have been moved to a photo album:

We reported on Tuesday 9 June that the first of the chicks, Osmund, had fledged following excursions onto the parapet - see our video here. This was subsequently reported in The Times on Thursday 11 June (with a similar image) - but remember folks, you read it here first!

One of the Salisbury Cathedral's ringed birds, a female named Sally, featured in BBC's Springwatch programme in 2017. Her tracker stopped working last autumn and Sally's whereabouts or fate are not known. is a non-profit site maintained by local residents.

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