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Last of the missing signs replaced

A long-overdue replacement 'arm' has been added to the signpost at the start of the cyclepath at Stratford Road.

Showing the way to Five Rivers Leisure Centre and the City Centre, it also carries a sticker for 'The Golden Way', a 7 mile cycle route that passes through Stratford sub Castle. More details of this route are on the Cyclepaths webpage that was added to the Local Information section of the website last month.

Back to 2 signs 22 May 2021

On 22 May 2021

one arm

One of the two missing signs from this former three-armed-signpost has now been replaced.

The signpost still lacks an arm pointing towards Salisbury but one has been ordered.

On 4 May 2021

Stratford is not just missing the welcome to Stratford sign between Deans Farm and St Lawrence Church, see our news story here, but another of the cycleway signs has disappeared within the past few days.

The signpost on Stratford Road marking the cycleway to Five Rivers Leisure Centre and beyond to the city centre, originally bore three arms, then two (see below). Now only one remains. Reported through the MyWiltshire app.

Earlier News story March 2020

Damage to the sign on Stratford Road by the cycleway/footpath near Castle Keep was reported to Wiltshire Council in early March.

One of the 'arms' of the sign that indicated the route of cycleway 45 was subsequently removed and has not yet been replaced. We understand that a replacement sign is on order.

If you see any confused cyclists at this point, please direct them northwards, towards the church.



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