Old Sarum 20c excavations re-examined

Update 15 July 2020

Alex Langlands' talk was broadcast live last Sunday using Zoom (a video conferencing app). Several images taken during the 1912/13 excavations of the site of the old cathedral on Old Sarum were shown and the excavations re-examined in the light of LIDAR data and documents held in the Salisbury Museum archives. Stratford sub Castle got a mention too!

A video recording of Alex's talk is now available on YouTube. Click to view.

Alex Langlands in Stratford July 2019

Original News item (7 July)

Alex Langlands, well-known to Stratford residents for his participation in the Old Sarum Landscapes Project will be one of the speakers during the CBA Festival of Archaeology Week.He introduces his talk:

"Frustrated at not being able to get out and excavate this year? Me too. So why not join me as I digitally reconstruct the 1912 and 1913 excavations of Old Sarum’s cathedral site? Drawing on field diaries, site plans, old photographs and finds catalogues, the early 20th-Century excavations of Old Sarum can be pieced together, trench by trench, using Geographic Information Systems. Apart from a series of short reports read to the Society of Antiquaries in the years 1910 through to 1916, few detailed records of the excavations exist. This research project, generously sponsored by The Society of Antiquaries, aims to integrate what few sources we have to get a sense of the scale and character of these early excavations and to better our understanding of one of the most important monuments of its kind in Britain."

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