Neowise viewed from Old Sarum

Image: Martin Cook (Twitter)

Viewing the comet Neowise is apparently a once in 6800 years experience and there are some excellent photographers out there who don't mind rising before dawn to capture the moment! If any Stratford resident has taken an image, we would be delighted to publish their's too.

Image: Craig Harvey (Twitter) advises:

"You will need to get up early (or stay up late) – in mid-July Neowise is most visible around 80 minutes before sunrise, so shortly after 3.30am.

The best way to spot it is first to search out perhaps the most famous constellation in the Northern Hemisphere’s sky; The Plough – also known as The Big Dipper. Look eastwards on a clear night in an area with little light pollution and you should be able to see it. Neowise will be below The Plough, about 10 degrees above the horizon.

The comet passes closest to Earth on 23 July, when it will be below and just to the right of The Plough. On 25 July it will be directly under it, before continuing to move west and slightly upwards.

You do not need binoculars to see the comet, though they will enhance the view."

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