Layby at Little Durnford fenced off - updated 7 January **

The layby on Durnford Road where National Cycleway 45 meets The Avenue has been fenced in. Motorists are now parking their vehicles leading up to the brow of the hill, making the roadway quite narrow. Watch out if you are passing, particularly if you're on foot or cycling.

This development will affect those people who have been able to park in the layby and then walk to the Devenish entrance behind Keeper's Cottage, or perhaps walk further along to the Monarch's Way and Salterton. Local walkers pass by on the popular circular route from Stratford sub Castle/Old Sarum to Keepers Cottage, on their return leg via Durnford Road.


Wiltshire Council was asked whether the layby is part of the public highway. This response was received on 7 January 2021:

"The location where vehicles park is not an official car park and is private land, in recent weeks the parking of cars etc has caused safety concerns to local landowners who are fearful that an accident is going to occur. As area Engineer I have confirmed that the 'layby' is not WC Adopted Highway and not under my control. I believe that they have erected the fence to prevent parking as car owners are abusing the area and causing potential serious problems for passing traffic and cyclists."

16 January. Space for 3 or 4 cars to park with safer provision for walkers.

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