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Kerbside Recycling changes

More materials now go into your blue-lidded bin (and by default, fewer into the small black bins).

A revised list of collection dates for Stratford sub Castle for the next few weeks is here:


Blue lidded bin:

  • Cans, newspapers;

  • plastic bottles, plastic pots (including yogurt), tubs (such as margarine, ice cream);

  • trays from products such as fruit, meat, vegetables (with the exception of black plastic trays);

  • cardboard;

  • food and drink cartons (for example soup, milk, fruit juice);

  • shredded paper (placed inside an envelope or cardboard box);

  • tins and cans;

  • clean foil;

  • empty aerosols;

  • paper (including brown paper, newspapers, magazines, directories, catalogues, envelopes)

Empty, rinse and squash your recycling where possible and flatten cardboard boxes.Black box

You can continue to put the following in your black box:

  • glass bottles and jars;

  • clean and dry textiles (bagged and tied) - for example clothes, paired shoes, curtains, sheets, blankets.

Black plastic and flower pots are not collected for recycling at the kerbside. However you can take these items to Household Recycling Centres. Plastic film is not currently recycled from the kerbside or centres in Wiltshire.

More informatoin - Wiltshire Council: www.wiltshire.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling-collection-changes